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SHTE: Swedish Suppliers of Heat Treatment Equipment

The Trade Group SHTE is a Nordic association of suppliers to heat treaters within the steel and engineering industry.

The main purpose for the association is to: 

  • Work for high technical competence among manufacturers and customers customers
  • Promote the development of an environmental friendly technique, thereby strengthening the status of the trade
  • Work for standardization, nationally as well as internationally
  • Arrange courses, conferences, seminars and expositions
  • Be a body to which proposed measures are submitted for consideration

Annual events:

– The Heat Treatment Conference Every other year SHTE arranges a two-day conference, the Swedish equivalence to Härterei Kolloquium, for customers and members. This conference is in the form of part exhibition, part seminar. – The Spring meeting The Spring meeting is held for members and selected customers in the Heat treatment business together with the members’ annual meeting. There are technical lectures, a company visit and dinner. – The Autumn meeting The Autumn meeting is arranged for members and selected customers in the Heat treatment business every other year when there is no Heat Treatment Conference, as an opportunity to meet, listen to interesting lectures and dine.

– SHTE arranges two courses per year: I. One giving general metallographic knowledge and the basics of heat treatment II. The other giving a general picture of modern heat treatment equipment



– Member of the Swedish Standards Institute, SIS, www.sis.se – Member of the European Committee of Industrial Furnace and Heating Equipment Associations, CECOF, www.cecof.org


Members of the board

Chairman Catharina Lindgren, Sarlin Furnaces AB Telephone. 021 - 10 98 00 E-mail: catharina.lindgren@sarlin.com

V Chairman Lee Björkman, Preem Gas AB Telephone 010 - 450 19 90 E-mail: lee.bjorkman@preem.se
Member Patrik Olsson, EFD Induction AB Telephone 021 - 30 00 10 E-mail : po@se.efdgroup.net
Member Olle Hedvall, Holger Eldfast AB Telephone 0550 - 150 15 E-mail : o.hedvall@holgereldfast.se
Member Janne Jyrinki, Entech AB Telephone 04331 - 44 99 80, E-mail : janne@entech.se
Member Anders Åström, AGA Gas AB Telephone 08 – 706 96 18 E-mail : anders.astrom@se.aga.com
Member Stefan Holmkvist, Hj Edwards & Co AB Telephone 031 – 706 13 84 E-mail : stefan.holmkvist@edwards.se
Secretary Per Westerhult, SHTE/Svetskommissionen Telephone 08 - 120 30 403 E-mail : per.westerhult@svets.se


SHTE is affiliated with the Swedish Welding Commission, which is a nonprofit-making organization which works to support industrial companies, research institutes, government and their public agencies as well as other types of organizations.



SHTE P.O. Box 5073 P.O. Box 5073 SE-102 42 Stockholm Sweden Tel: +46 8 791 29 37 Fax: +46 8 679 94 04 E-mail: per.westerhult@svets.se Visitors’ address: Grev Turegatan 14, Stockholm